Monday, November 25, 2013


"Like so many New Mexicans, farming and ranching
are in my blood. My grandmother was born in
 Luna, New Mexico in 1893 and her family
 drove cattle through the mountains down
 to the railroad in Magdalena.
 Farming and ranching are part
 of our heritage and serve as a key economic
 engine in our state, accounting for more than
 $4 billion in our economy. 
More than 20,000 farms dot the
New Mexico map.
 I am committed to preserving the important
 role that the agricultural community plays in
 our state's identity and economy."
Senator Tom Udall
As you can see from the Senator's statement
above, Tom Udall has roots and connections
to New Mexico's ranching community, and
that tie runs right through this country.
When the Senator speaks of his ancestors
driving cattle to Magdalena, he's speaking of
the Magdalena Trail - which runs right by
(or perhaps through) part of the
 Augustin Plains Ranch LLC,
 the proposed site of the WATER GRAB.
The cattle "Trail" became the "Driveway" in
1918, and was in use up until about 1970.
There's lots more info about the Trail on
the Bureau of Land Management website -
While the Water Grab is more of a state, rather
than federal, issue, there are definitely some
factors here that would be of interest to the
Senator, and there are ways in which he
could aid the cause.
Our letter to Senator Udall will be up shortly.
Editor's note, December 14:
The letter is UP and is here:

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