Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Here's a letter I wrote this afternoon to the
Magdalena Mountain Mail, that will come
 out in the April 27 edition (Saturday).
Yesterday I came home for lunch and found a New Mexico
 State Police Officer parked at my house. After we introduced
ourselves, he proceeded to read me my Miranda Rights and
told me I was the subject of a "criminal investigation" for
 alleged "violent threats" against the people involved in the
 Water Grab on the San Augustin Plains.  
After a lot of questions and answers, he went on his way, 
but asked me to have "hard copy" of some of my blog posts,
and whatever else I thought relevant to the investigation, ready
 when he came by this morning. So, I gathered everything up,
 and am ready....and waiting....and waiting.
Car 54, where are you?
It's now 1:20 and I'm curious about what this all means.
  Dropped - no evidence? Further investigation proceeding?
  From what he told me, the "complaint" of threats must have
come from The Waite Company, the Albuquerque PR outift
(shill) for the foreign investors. I have never threatened anyone
 in this mess. I have talked about the potential of violence here,
but I have never encouraged it, or said that I would personally
 perpetrate violence in the matter. To discuss what COULD BE
 an unfortunate outcome to the situation
 is simply looking at the realities.
I gave him as personal references Marshal Larry
Cearley of Magdalena, and George Vanwinkle, Chief of Police
in Socorro. I could have added on a former FBI agent to the
 list, a man I work with on occasion, but figured
that would be overdoing things.
Intimidation is not to be unexpected in
 something like this. The Project Director for the LLC,
Michel  Jichlinski, is a piece of work.
  Read about how millions of your  tax-dollars were stolen
 when he ran the Louis Berger Group,  a federal contractor
 working in Afghanistan and worldwide. They got hit with the
 largest fine ever for a war-time contractor - 69.3 million,
 for cooking the books and other shenanigans.
  The Modena Family Group, the Italians and their
 "investors" involved in the scheme, are a bunch of shadowy
 corporate characters - no financial statements, no tax returns,
no background data, no nada. It's all on the blog. These people
 are NOT the kind of folks you want to do business with,
 especially in the matter of WATER.
So, I still wait for the officer, and think about
 The Waite Company, and Jichlinski, and the LLC,
 and what evil lurks in the hearts of men.
If you're with the "good guys" on this deal, don't worry.
  Don't be intimidated. I'm not. I've got Duffy and Ziggy,
 my "guard" dogs, neither of them too intimidating,
 but noisy - like me. And I'm going to keep on making noise,
 come hell or high water.
Matt Middleton
The suspect waits for the State Police, with hard-copies,
and audio recorder (record everything!).
Well, it's late Thursday and my friend Officer
Jaime Dominguez has yet to return.
This may all be a "wash" as they say - and
nothing further will come of it.  Time will tell. 
The problem may have come about because of
people's ignorance of what words in the English language
actually mean.  An article published in the Rio Rancho
Observer about the issue last week had some statements
 in it attributed to me, including this:
“The very idea of foreign ownership of water is a really, really
 bad idea,” Middleton said.
He also questioned if it’s fair that growth be allowed to the
 detriment of rural communities.
Plus, Middleton expects violence if the project were allowed.
“Water’s too precious to allow someone to do this when it all
 comes down to, really, is money,” Middleton said.
 “It’s unethical.”
Read the entire article here:

To say that something is "expected" is not the same
thing as saying you condone it, or would participate.
But, we need to be fair here - remember,
  the public relations firm, The Waite Company, is a
public relations firm.  A lot of PR people twist the meaning
of words regularly, and openly fudge on the truth,

to where the actual meaning of almost any word or
 statement is suspect or simply unknown.
The English words "VALUE" and "STAKEHOLDERS"
are examples of what I'm talking about.
 PR firms aren't generally known for excellence in
 English language usage, but rather how you "shape"
 a message, or "spin" it, as they say. 
 How well you lie can make you rich in this biz.
Their forte is falsification and misrepresentation,
the sordid details of "packaging" people and companies,
or hideous, greedy, ill-designed schemes like this one -
in this "smoke and mirrors" world that we now live in.  
Someone may have been so stupid here that they panicked and
called someone to get the "heat" on me, without realizing
that their fears were foolish, unnecessary, and ignorant.

Maybe Jichlinski's English isn't too hot, and he misread
what I said, and told the Waite outfit to jump on it -
call the DA's office and get something going.
Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe it wasn't stupidity at all,

but just plain harassment and/or intimidation.
  It doesn't matter.  Political connections were probably
what got the State Police to my house.  So be it.
I wonder what else is up their sleeve....
PR "flacks," as they are called,  aren't noted for
 being very bright, or even very interesting,

but very clever, sly, scheming.
  Like a fox.
You'll have to excuse me now,
 I think I hear a commotion out back in the henhouse.
I should add that the timing was near-perfect  -
 the day before, the decision was made to have a special
"Prayer for a Peaceful Resolution"
 as part of the June program being planned. 
 An inter-faith
 will take place June 15, 2 pm, at the
 Chapel of the Living Waters
 at Montosa Campground - 13.5
miles west of Magdalena - (there will be signs).
We'll have more info about what's being planned, and
who all is participating, within a couple of weeks.
It should be a very interesting afternoon, with
"Prayers, Songs, and Ceremonies" from a number of faiths.
But a "Prayer for a Peaceful Resolution" is a MUST-HAVE
for an event here during these times, these circumstances.
Below is the chapel itself - a dream of B.W. Cox,
who is graciously allowing us to hold our services at this
 little church in the pines, just above the San Augustin Plains,
 and so perfectly named.
Well, of course we'd say that.
Here's a mini-poster in standard 8.5 x 11 inch jpeg format you can print, or Facebook, or whatever.... Thanks!

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