Tuesday, September 2, 2014


From the New Mexico Environmental Law Center:
Corporation believes new application will get 
them all the water. Um, not so fast... 

The Augustin Plains Ranch LLC water
grab case began because the Ranch, which is owned by an Italian billionaire, seeks to monopolize 54,000 acre-feet of water (enough to supply half the needs of Albuquerque) to sell to the highest bidder.  Thanks to you,  we were able to fight them. "We led the effort to demonstrate that the application was unconstitutional," said Staff Attorney, Bruce Frederick. Based on our arguments, the State Engineer and a District Court Judge denied the Ranch's application. The Ranch appealed.

However, it appears the State Engineer is now working with the Ranch to deprive our clients of their day before the Court of Appeals. The State Engineer has accepted a second application from the Ranch. Although this second application is substantially identical to the first, the Ranch and the State Engineer convinced the Court that the Ranch's appeal was moot. The Court dismissed the appeal, sending us back to square one.
With your support, we will fight the Ranch's second application. We'll keep you apprised of the next steps. Stay tuned. 

Editor's Note:
The Court apparently said nothing
about how their decision was reached,
and gave no indication about where
they stand here.  Not unusual. 
But get ready for a whole new fight on the
new application from the Modena lawyers.
This batch of Eurotrash has deep pockets,
and surely they've been spreading cash
around Santa Fe.  Scum draws scum.
Evil feeds on evil.
The next round will probably get a
lot nastier that the first go-round.
A den of thieves.  Robbers. 
Santa Fe - Holy Faith.
Faith in what?
 Michel Jichlinski, Project Director for
Augustin Plains Ranch LLC
People are going to need some fortitude, tenacity,
imagination, guts, and especially wisdom
if they're going to stand any chance here.
Say a prayer, then go put on
your game face boys and girls.

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  1. sounds like the battle is really just beginning...all over again !!!