Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The Coalition of Six Middle Rio Grande Pueblos
is another of the many "PROTESTANTS" in the legal
battle against the WATER GRAB.  The Pueblos have
"senior" water rights, also called "prior and paramount"
water rights, on Rio Grande water.  Since the San Augustin
Plains aquifer has subterranean connections to both the
Rio Grande as well as the Gila River, the tribes are taking
the WATER GRAB very, very seriously.
The Pueblos of Acoma and Zuni are now
 joined in as "PROTESTANTS" as well.
Historically of course,
 the Pueblo Indians have a great deal
of experience with people trying to rob or
 cheat them out of what is theirs. 
 They are a good ally to have.
The sepia tone photos were taken early in the 20th century
 by Edward S. Curtis, when he traveled through
 the New Mexico pueblos,
working on his monumental project

 For the pueblos, the river is more than
 the source of water rights.
It is considered sacred and plays a central role
 in spiritual life.

    "Moving water and clean water are central to some
 of the fundamentals of our view of the world and our
 connection to our deities," said Les Ramirez, lawyer for
Santa Ana Pueblo. "We don't just drink it or use it for crops,
 we immerse ourselves in it and are immersed by it."
Stephine Poston, a spokeswoman for Sandia Pueblo,
 said tribes generally don't talk about how they use the river
 in cultural ways.
    But she said, "The pueblo has extremely high regard for
 the river, the land, the resources.
 We view that the Rio Grande is a life-giver."
 The Coalition of Six Middle Rio Grande Pueblos also is
 worried about water depletions "caused by the ever-increasing
 demand for, and use of, water to meet the rapid growth which
 has taken place in the basin over the past 50 years,"
 Roy Montoya of Santa Ana told a group meeting
on water issues recently.
    "The state and its subdivisions have ignored pueblo water
 rights in granting new water use permits and
 encouraging growth.
  This century has seen water replace land as the
 Indian asset most craved by non-Indians."
"He who is present at a wrongdoing
And lifts not a hand to prevent it,
Is as guilty as the wrongdoers."
ESTAMAZA (Iron Eyes) - Omaha Tribe
Note - When you call the number above you reach the
 Governor's "Constituent Services" office -
 very easygoing, nice folks who are there to
 simply answer the phone lines
 and make note of your opinion on a state
 issue of importance.
The Governor, you can be sure, hears about
 what issue is getting traffic volume -
the number of folks calling in.
This is how a politician can get not just
reelected - but RESPECTED, across
the state.
If they have some smarts, and some kind
of genuine love for their people, and this
incredible land that we live in,
then maybe they'll act.
Maybe they'll stand up.
Ask the Governor to make her position clear.
Please call, if you haven't already.
E-mail your legislator.  Write a letter to
the editor of your local paper. 
 Do something.  Stand Up!

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