Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm just taking one of the mini-posters in the post below
 and "personalizing" it to the "Big Cheese"
 in this group of foreign folks trying
to get their hands on the water.
(Editor's Note:
The definition of "big cheese" needs to be
clarified here.  Here's an edited explanation,
for brevity sake, from  World Wide Words,
an online dictionary:
The big cheese is the most influential or important person
 in a group.  Big cheese is the only positive slang sense of cheese
 that seems ever to have existed. This was first recorded in
 London in the nineteenth century, in forms like he’s the cheese,
 it’s quite the cheese, just the cheese, or simply the cheese, with
 the sense of a thing that was “good, first-rate in quality,
 genuine, pleasant or advantageous” as John Camden Hotten
 defined it in his Slang Dictionary in 1859.)
I've gotten so many international hits on
this blog, in such a short time, starting with
a rash of hits out of Germany,
 but now,
with regular pageviews from not just Germany,
but Malaysia, Russia,  South Korea, Indonesia -
it makes you certain you're dealing with
a real global "organization."
They come in in the dead of night, or
whenever, and will hang out for an hour -
 more.... on the site.  I can see the stats.  Fascinating.
It's a certain level of digital transparency.
I bet they like the graphics!
(Well, I hope they do.)
No one from these countries would be even
 slightly interested in this mess, unless they
were connected to this obscenity, someway,
 somehow, albeit long distance.  
Family? Mob? 
 Probably.  But not like you're thinking. 
 Allright.  Good.  I'm glad that's clear. (?)
Bruno Modena: Listen to me here....
“Water, like religion and ideology,
has the power to move millions of people.
 Since the very birth of human civilization,
 people have moved to settle close to it.
 People move when there is too little of it.
 People move when there is too much of it.
 People journey down it.
 People write, sing and dance about it.
 People fight over it.
And all people, everywhere and every day,
 need it.” 
     Mikhail Gorbachev

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