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I wrote a letter back in mid-January to the
Socorro Defensor-Chieftain.  Without boring you
with details about the fundraiser we were promoting,
I said some things about the project, which included -
"It’s time for people to get with it, and STAND UP against this immoral, unethical crime against the citizens of New Mexico, and the folks directly impacted in Catron County in particular. Call or write Susana Martizez’s office. There is a “Contact the Governor” page under “Contacts” on Gov. Martinez’s website — — or just Google to save time and you’ll get there quickly. Susana Martinez is a good place to start. Water belongs to the citizens of New Mexico, and is a resource to be administered carefully for the benefit of New Mexicans. It is not to be administered to the benefit of foreign “investors” so they can make a killing, literally billions of dollars, over a span of many generations."
Matt Middleton, Magdalena
This rattled the cage of a fellow with
 Rancho de Agua LLC.
Here's his response which appeared in the paper 1/30.
Ranch disagrees with offensive terms, charges
I refer to the two letters published in your Jan. 19 edition concerning the Plains of San Augustin water project. These letters make some points which we very much agree with and others that we emphatically disagree with. Starting with the areas of agreement, the first letter states that “Water belongs to the citizens of New Mexico, and is a resource to be administered carefully for the benefit of New Mexicans.” As Mr. Inman states in the second letter, there is a significant groundwater resource in the basin.
The state, its citizens, farmers and the environment are facing extraordinary challenges and sooner or later, the groundwater resources of the San Augustin Plains will be tapped for the benefit of all citizens of the state. We believe that a private-public partnership of all stakeholders, including the citizens of Catron and Socorro counties, will provide the best value to the citizens of New Mexico. This is why we have proposed and continue to propose that a true dialogue takes place between us and the local community, with the aim of including the latter into the management of the resource and of the
 benefits of the project.
The area of disagreement is mostly with the offensive terms of the first letter that imply that we are immoral, unethical criminals acting against the citizens of New Mexico. We are respectable, law abiding entrepreneurs including individuals who have owned property in the plains for over 30 years and have committed to work in harmony with New Mexico stakeholders.
Michel Jichlinski
Project Director APR, LLC
The way the letter sounds, you'd swear it was this guy and
a few good ol' boys from the Plains that got together for coffee,
and horseshoes, and talked about doin' some good for all
the nice folks out here.  Nonsense, this guy's in the employ of
Bruno and Vittorio Modena and the "investment" crew, still
hiding under the corporate veil.
He's just another shill, like poor ol' Tom Carroll,
that pathetic fellow who nearly got tarred and
feathered when he came to a "town meeting"
in Magdalena, NM a few months back.
But no, this boy's a bonafide BIG TIME shill!
This guy wouldn't be involved unless there was
at the end of this rainbow.
Listen Michel, a corporate reality owned by foreigners
 has absolutely NO BUSINESS
trying to get their hands on New Mexico water,
 which belongs to US, NOT YOU GUYS.
This is just a local chapter in the many
 water heists going on worldwide. 
 I see from your profile you have experience
in all these matters.  No doubt.
  These New Mexico stakeholders that you speak of....
you mean us?   The citizens of Socorro and Catron Counties,
you mention, and the folks across the state?
   Well, how much do the stakeholders get?
How much will you boys get?
What's your heilek, your share.
What's our heilek, our cut?
A good businessman would demand an answer. 
Give us some transparency here.
Where's that business plan?  Is there one yet?
Can we see it please.  That's not a request.
Where does the Modena money come from?
We ask that of someone running for Congress: net worth
 and the sources of income - why shouldn't it be asked here?
A good businessman would demand an answer.
This proposal has far greater implications than the brief
career that some congressman could ever have.
Of course you won't.
This whole scheme is unethical and immoral.
If you want me to bring in a busload of
Jesuits, Protestants of various stripes,
and a few good Torah scholars,
to discuss the issue - let me know.
Perhaps SHAME might suit you
better than this sappy condescending crap
about a "partnership" that will give us -
all of New Mexico - the best "value."
The best VALUE???  
 What are you, a burger pitchman?
  A car salesman?  Nice diamonds?
There's no "true dialogue" with people
like you - "spin doctors," snake oil salesmen -
 and people around here savvy that.
  You're not overseas or in DC now Michel.
Drop the "value" - get out some tax returns.
Who is this Michel Jichlinski?
He's spent a lot of time in Washington, DC,
with a big time contracting outfit,
the Louis Berger Group,
and Greenway Enterprises, 
"servicing the needs of the federal government,"
 as his profile on the net servive
"Linkedin" puts it.
Linked in?  You better believe it.
"Embedded" is a better word -
sucking off the federal tit, to the tune
of millions and millions.
  Servicing someone, certainly themselves.
  And involved in numerous
big-time operations to privatize water -
and move it, and fix rates -across the globe.
Google him. 
Read more below - there's a great investigative
article about this guy's tenure at the
 Louis Berger Group,
 when they allegedly stole millions and millions
 of taxpayers' dollars in Afghanistan
 and elsewhere.
Lots of evidence.
Evil just goes on, and on, and....
He's lived all over, but is from Switzerland.
He got his M.S. in Economics from the
Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
U.S. Passport?  Doubtful.
It sounds like now we've got another foreigner,
 (albeit with big Washington connections),
acting for the foreigners.
This is positively, absolutely
He was the bigshot with what looks like
a criminal enterprise, which has,
according to all the allegations,
(and there are plenty)
 bilked American taxpayers out of millions
(and there's a ton of evidence).
Investigation/Prosecution will happen if
 someone has the will to do it.
But these guys have a lot of friends
in government - that's how they get to the
point where they can steal millions.
These guys are connected.
(How did it ever get this bad????)
It's all "under criminal investigation," was
the last word.  We'll update this when
we have more data.

But doesn't it figure, that along with all
the other bullshit associated with this scheme,
it would end up that we also

 have to apparently contend with
with obvious problems on the allegiance issue -
Who does he owe his to? Family?
Investors? His country?

Certainly not America.
Where did all the stolen money go, Michel?
Here's just the opening -

and yes, Michel Jichlinski is
part of the story, if you'll read on the link.
WASHINGTON — On July 31, 2006, an employee of the Louis Berger Group, a contractor handling some of the most important U.S. rebuilding projects in Afghanistan, handed federal investigators explosive evidence that the company was intentionally and systematically overbilling American taxpayers.
Neither the whistleblower's computer disk full of incriminating documents, nor a trail of allegations of waste, fraud and shoddy construction, however, prevented Louis Berger from continuing to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts.
In fact, two months after the government learned of the employee's allegations, the U.S. Agency for International Development tapped Louis Berger to oversee another $1.4 billion in reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan.
Here's his online profile:
Michel Jichlinski is a Principal at Ascendant Program Services, LLC and the Director of Operations of Greenway Enterprises, a General Contractor servicing the needs of the Federal Government. He also serves as Chief Technical Advisor at InfraLinx Capital, and serves on the board of advisors of CG/LA Infrastructure. He provides advice to governments, contractors, developers and financial institutions.
.In 2008, Michel Jichlinski retired as President of the Louis Berger Group, Inc. where he was responsible for the company’s operations in the United States and worldwide. The Louis Berger Group is a leader in the planning, design, and construction management of large infrastructure projects in the United States and over 100 countries around the world.
Michel Jichlinski served on the boards of CHELBI Engineering Consultants in China, of the Institute for Infrastructure Finance and of the International Road Federation. He was President of Louis Berger SAS in France where he spent a year from 1999 to 2000.
Michel Jichlinski’s expertise covers a broad spectrum, from structuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships to the organization and management of programs in complex and dangerous areas. Notably, he led the multinational team that completed the reconstruction of the 389 km long Kabul Kandahar Highway in Afghanistan in only eight months.
His technical know-how includes the planning, design, financing and construction of infrastructure and development projects in the United States, Western Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa.
Born and raised in Switzerland, Mr. Jichlinski holds a M.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He has lived in Switzerland, Israel, Cameroon, France and the United States and speaks English, French, Spanish and Hebrew fluently.


Management, Due DiIligence, Strategic Planning

Michel Jichlinski's Experience


Ascendant Program Services, LLC

January 2011Present (2 years 2 months)

Director of Operations

Greenway Enterprises

January 2009Present (4 years 2 months)

Advisory Board Member

CG/LA Infrastructure

November 2008Present (4 years 4 months)

Chief Technical Advisor

InfraLinx Capital

January 2009December 2010 (2 years)


The Louis Berger Group

19842008 (24 years)

Surely the President can agree with us,
that theft from government is not good.
I know it's bold. It's out on the edge.
 I know from a Chicago-Springfield background
  it's hard to fully grasp that honesty
 could be part of government.
Newt Gingrich.
Some short days after I posted this,
I came across info that brought things
up to date - the Berger Group was found guilty
 and hit with the largest fine ever for a 
war-time contractor.
It's all here:

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